Sunday, February 20, 2011


IN HIS LIFE   John Lennon had magic in his mind.  His words and music brought people together, challenged them.  He stuck his finger in the air not to anger, but to inspire.  To challenge society and the rules governing and shaping our minds.  John used his vast talent to encapsulate what it means to be human – to show the way to love.  Not “how” to love, but “the way.”  The direction love takes if you are truly a humanitarian accepting all, thinking for all.  Imagine there’s no country, he said. 

As a songwriter Lennon masterminded the elements to capture emotions – in a single phrase or word – “Mama,” he screamed from the depths to a woman he didn’t know, a woman who left him in childhood.  Then later about the same woman, “Silent cloud, touch me.” 

Give peace a chance.  Living is easy with eyes closed.  No longer riding on the merry go round.  Oh Yoko.  In my life, I loved them all.  Lyrics, words, phrases that resonate through generations, across the universe.  John’s ripples are deep, everlasting.  A tribute to his humanity, his purpose.  Dying young sealed his effect in cement.  An effect that won’t change except in people’s hearts when they hear his music.  Imagine hearing his music for the first time 50 years from now.  Picture a young boy turning on his iPod that’s now built into a chip somewhere near his ear, tuning into Strawberry Fields or In My Life.  Where will the boy be while listening?   Will he be walking on a city street with mini-cars flying above him?  Will he be sitting in a meadow of grass that is forever green?  Or will he be lying in bed in a space station somewhere near Jupiter?  Maybe he’s in New York, in front of the Dakota looking up at the building where John lived, or standing in the middle of the Imagine circle in Central Park.  How will John’s words affect him?  How will the strings of music turn his head to listen more closely?  What will he see when he turns?  How will he feel the music in his heart?  How do we all feel music in our hearts?  We feel.  John makes us feel.  John offered the magic of his mind so we could play around with it in our heads and see how it fit inside.  See how it changed us.  How we were brought together as a generation.  A generation that changed the world.  Imagine. 

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